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The JLMS PTA will be hosting  our annual MOVE-A-Thon (MOTIVATE, OVERCOME, VICTORY, EVERYONE) on Thursday, September 29th during the last hour of school.

We care.  We connect.  We support.

We are community.  Students, Staff and Parents.  We are family.

Walk or Run.  Have fun with our school community.  Raise funds for the Panthers of Jason Lee.

The Jason Lee MOVE-a-Thon is an annual fundraising event that brings our Jason Lee community together.  Panther pride is evident in every stride as walkers and runners wear the black and red of Jason Lee.  Energy and excitement run through the crowd—an energy that lifts and encourages. Strength is felt in numbers as the Jason Lee community gathers together. This is our only fundraiser of the year.

We look forward to feeling that sense of community, the strength in our numbers, and the energy and excitement of a new school year and the possibilities that lie before us.   So put on your red and black.  Show some Panther Pride and get out there and move for Jason Lee.  

Where does my Donation go?

This year, our main fundraising goal is to match last year’s earnings of $13,500.  Funds will go to help fund or purchase educational enrichment materials, athletic uniforms, Battle of the Books prizes, 8th grade celebration, honor roll celebration and more.  

Show your support for Jason Lee!  Put on some red and black and move!!

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